Are you considering getting involved a clinical study? Navigating this niche field can appear confusing to any newbie!

If you are wondering what to expect during a study, let us walk you through the process…


A Day in the Life:



Screening appointments are your main port of call before starting a study.

If you still need to find a study then contact one our friendly Recruitment Consultants on 1800 243 733. They can suggest something suitable and book you a screening appointment.

However, if you have already secured your appointment then preparation is going to be the key to a smooth visit.


72 Hours Prior

Please refrain from eating anything containing poppy seeds from this point and until after your appointment. They may be tasty on top of a fresh bread roll, but they can also show up as a recreational drug (Opiates) in the health check!

48 Hours Prior

Now is the time to temporarily drop the alcohol and strenuous exercise until after your initial appointment. These two factors can manipulate your blood results. They can affect liver enzymes and inflammation markers leading to an exclusion from your study of choice. I recommend opting for a restorative yoga session and virgin daiquiri instead!

24 Hours Prior

Check our location and organise your mode of transport (see your appointment confirmation email or our location page for transport options).

Read through the Participant Information and Consent Form (PICF) which is also included in your confirmation email and print off a screening guide.

Make sure you have packed your photo ID.

8-10 Hours Prior  

If your screening appointment requires you to fast (refer your confirmation email to check!) now is the time to have a big tasty meal and then its water from here on in!


15 Minutes Prior

Now that you have arrived, find you way up to Level 5 Burnet Building where you will be greeted by our receptionist. You will be required to complete a personal details form, present your photo ID and there’s an opportunity to have another read through the PICF.

Discussion and Formal Consent 

Your appointment begins with a consultation with one of our specialised doctors. They will discuss your medical history and check that the study is appropriate and safe for you to participate in. You can also ask any questions you have regarding safety and side effects (for a list of questions you may want to ask, please see our screening guide).

Health Check 

If the study takes your fancy you will then progress to part 2 of the screening appointment which is a health check. This involves a series of measurements such as an ECG to check the electrical activity of your heart, a blood test which checks factors such as your liver function and exposure to diseases such as Hepatitis B and C. And a urine sample to test for recreational drug use and pregnancy (for female participants).


1 Hour Post

Enjoy a drink and snack on us, we know that you may have been fasting for a while! There are also some lovely cafes down the road to enjoy if you feel like something more substantial.

48 Hours Post

You will be contacted by the study coordinator with your results. If eligible for the study, you will be sent information for admission so that you are prepared and ready to go!

If you need to get in touch with us after your screening visit, refer to your confirmation email for the coordinators’ contact details.