Original article posted 22/05/2016 by ‘Hack – Triple J.’ 

For the first time in Australia, if you are diagnosed with cancer between the ages of 16-24 you may soon be able to take part in clinical trials for free.

Currently, patients that fall within this age bracket are considered too old for pediatric trials and too young for adult studies. The only way to receive potentially lifesaving treatment is to raise vast sums of money to be granted a spot on an overseas clinical trial.

On the 22nd May 2016, the coalition promised $7 million in funding to promote an increased number of clinical trials carried out on home soil. Most of which will be set aside for youth cancer research.

CEO of the CanTeen organisation for young people with cancer, DR Peter Orchard, explained that the focus will be on four key areas. Brain tumours, sarcomas [bone cancers], some leukemia and molecular therapy on the genetic mutations that drive cancer.

Participants could have access to treatments that have shown miraculous outcomes which include total cure for some.

Alongside making clinical trials more accessible for young people, the $7 million funding is also intended to stoke Australia’s clinical trial share on a global scale. This, it is predicted, will encourage more pharmaceutical companies to conduct their research in Australia.


Here at the Centre for Clinical Studies we are passionate about assisting in the research and progress of new cancer treatments. We conduct a number of ongoing oncology studies, participants are only accepted via a referral from their oncologist to ensure they are suitable for the study.


Original article posted 22/05/2016 by ‘Hack – Triple J’