So now that you’ve done a study, why not spend some of that hard-earned reimbursement on something real special. Living in Melbourne doesn’t often leave one short of dining options but it sure is hard to narrow it down sometimes.

After a hunger-inducing chat with the recruitment team, we’ve selected a few optimal dishes which we believe epitomise the wonderful place we call home.

Bringing you our top 5 menu items from around Melbourne.


If you haven’t been to Mr. Miyagi yet, go. This Chapel Street mainstay serves some of the finest fusion food around. Not to be missed are the famous Salmon Nori Tacos, I kid you not, you will not be able to stop thinking about them. 6 months and counting.



Next up is the Peanut Butter Parfait from Supernormal. Enough said? This is the only desert option that made it and for good reason. A smattering of salted caramel and soft chocolate completely seal the deal, do not fill up on mains.



The Pork Belly over at Red Spice Road  took out 4 votes from the team. We reckon it’s the best in town. Did someone say chili caramel?



This might be slightly left field but oh my. The Cumin Pork Ribs at Sichuan House tucked away on Corrs lane in Chinatown are an absolute find if you can handle a bit of spice. Dusted with cumin, dried chili, and Sichuanese peppercorn, then coated in chili oil and left to marinade, tuck in, you won’t leave hungry.



This last offering is more of an experiential suggestion. Most of us have been at some point or another and never fail to leave satisfied. The Sezar banquet which includes a wine pairing option (do it, do it) will take you on a journey through Caucasus. The Katafi Wrapped Lamb Neck is outrageous. Prepare to overindulge.