International Clinical Trials Day

The year is 1747, a time when the concept of vitamins did not yet exist. Enter James Lind, surgeon onboard the HMS Salisbury. It was here that the evolution of clinical trials began.

In a time when scurvy ravaged the seas with no known cause or cure, Lind began work on a solving the problem. On 20th May he began his 6-day trial to determine if dietary supplements had a role to play, included in his testing were lemons, oranges and cider.

Despite his mere 12 participants, and a time span of only 6 days, there was a significant improvement in the fruit eaters, for Lind, this forged the link between the condition and the properties of fruit.

Clinical trials have traversed the seven seas and what we wind up with today is a multinational industry charged with developing modern science.

On this day each year, we commemorate James Lind for his contribution to medical research, we’re not saying founder or forefather but this guy set the bar.

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Happy International Clinical Trials Day