Get to know the Centre for Clinical Studies team!

We asked Hayden, one of our Senior Recruitment Officers, to share a little bit about himself:

“Hi guys, I’m Hayden and I’ve worked at the Centre for Clinical Studies for just over a year. It’s my job to speak to our awesome participants over the phone so I can determine which of our current and upcoming studies they could be eligible for.

I moved to Australia at age 10 from Birmingham, UK and have been here ever since. I used to study teaching at Deakin University but decided after a few years that it wasn’t for me, so I started working at the ATO. I then decided I wanted a new challenge and found the role here at the Centre for Clinical Studies, I love it! It’s rewarding to work in an organisation that plays a crucial part in the development of ground-breaking medical research, and knowing I’m contributing to helping better people’s lives around the world.

My favourite thing in the world is going to comic conventions! I make props and costumes in my free time and I love showing them off. I made both the Audrey 2 puppet and the Deadpool suit this year. My other hobbies include gaming, board games, drawing and anything art related.
I also love to travel when I’m not busy working, I’ve been to Japan a couple times (host family and study) and America – I can’t get enough of it!

The thing I enjoy most about my job at the Centre for Clinical Studies is the team I work with. We are the tightest knit family unit I’ve ever worked with and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love them to bits! I love speaking with our participants too, people have such diverse backgrounds and it’s interesting to find out their reasons for getting involved in clinical studies. I look forward to speaking with you on the phone some time soon!”

You can check out a list of our current studies here.