Meet David, a past participant at the Centre for Clinical Studies, now working here as the recruitment team leader. David completed two studies before working here, we asked David a few questions about his experience:

What was your first study with us?

My first study was in 2017, but I registered back in 2011. The first study I did was looking at increasing the white blood cell count in cancer patients.

How would you rate the process?

Screening was very straight forward – I got to speak to the doctor about any concerns I had. The nurses were great too and offered to take me around the medical unit. The food was excellent back then, I remember a very specific lemon meringue pie they had… I still dream about it…

What got you interested in clinical trials to begin with?

I was originally looking at it to make some more money at the time, but when I went on the website, I only saw studies that required people with medical conditions so I didn’t really fit the criteria at the time. I left it for a while and then the first email I received from you was in 2017! So, I signed up, the dates worked and everything, so I booked in.

What made you decide to work here?

So, obviously completing my first trial and deciding to do a second one as well – I was looking for a job at the time and I really loved that feeling of “I actually got to help people, I got to experience this great thing, why can’t I help somebody else experience that…” – and work for a company whose whole purpose is to, I suppose, get these medications or at least help in that process so I thought why not? It was a good company, I liked what they stood for so I decided to apply for a job… Obviously I was successful, and I must have been good at it… they made me team leader after all!

The only bad thing I have to say is that I can’t do studies anymore! I did ask that, in my interview, ‘If I work here can I continue to do trials and do what I normally do…’ Unfortunately, the head of recruitment said I was unable to do them here… but I was able to go and take part in a study in Adelaide because there were no rules about doing them interstate!