Do you want to be paid up to $360 per day?

Join over 3500 people who help our medical research studies each year.
• Multiple start dates are available at our central Melbourne location
• You will be provided with accommodation and will be fully catered for during your stay

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Free Wifi


Private TV Per Bed

Free Catered Food



Participant Journey


Registration & Phone Screening

Questions? Ask away, we have the answers. When you’re happy, let’s book a screening visit. This will give you a chance to sit down with one of our Doctors and really find out what you need to know before agreeing to join the study.

Inpatient Participation

Kick back, relax and enjoy your stay with us. We’ll take care of the rest. In the meantime you can make use of our wireless fidelity and entertainment options. Easy. (You knew that’s what Wi-Fi stood for right?)


Outpatient Visit

Welcome back. Just a quick Q&A and a once over and you’ll be on your way. These visits usually last no more than an hour and you don’t have to stay over. Just a short and sweet appointment to see how you’re getting on.


Don’t mention it. You scratch our back and all that. We know that you’re doing this for the good of humanity, but it’s only right that you are compensated for your precious time. A mark of appreciation for your dedication to the cause.