Study Information

What’s involved?

  • 3 days & nights inpatient stay
  • 8 follow-up appointments

This clinical trial has been approved by an independent ethics committee & participants are paid for their time.

About the study

We’re investigating a potential new treatment as an alternative to antibiotic treatment for bacterial vaginosis (BV). This study is seeking relatively healthy female participants who currently have BV

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is the most common vaginal infection in women. While most women have heard about thrush, few women have heard about bacterial vaginosis. Up to 50% of cases will show no symptoms and if left untreated, it is associated with an increased risk of acquiring sexually transmitted infections (STI’s).

Up to 50% of women will notice an unpleasant or fishy vaginal odour, itching and / or a vaginal discharge. The remainder of women with BV experience no symptoms.

How do I find out more?

If you would like more information about this study, please call 1800 243 733. You can also email us at quoting “BV Study”.

  • 3
    Nights Inpatient Stay
  • 8
    Outpatient Visits

Minimum Eligibility Requirements:

  • Females
  • Aged 18 – 45 years old
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 18 - 30kg/m²
  • Non-smokers or smokers willing to abstain from smoking during the inpatient stay of 3 days
  • Symptoms of BV: foul smelling "fishy" vaginal odour and thin, white or grey vaginal discharge

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