Study Information

This study is a comparison between Neulasta – an existing drug already approved for marketing, with MSB11455, a medication that is similar to Neulasta.

Neulasta is used for the treatment of neutropenia (a lack of white blood cell production), it is hoped that MSB11455 will provide an alternative treatment for neutropenia, with a similar safety profile.

We are seeking healthy males and females to participate in this study, please click below to register your interest.

  • 8
    Nights Inpatient Stay
  • 19
    Outpatient Visits

Minimum Eligibility Requirements:

  • Healthy males and females
  • Aged 18 – 55 years
  • BMI between 18 – 29.9 kg/m²
  • Weight between 50 – 100 kg
  • Light smokers OK (less than 10 cigarettes per day)
  • No medications or vitamins allowed 7 days prior to dosing (but contraceptives OK)

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