Study Information

This study is investigating a drug that has been developed as a potential treatment for people with a peanut allergy.  There is no current cure for peanut allergy. Strict peanut avoidance, emergency medication and education on how to promptly recognise and treat reactions are currently the management options for this condition. Peanut allergy reactions occur when your body incorrectly recognises peanuts as harmful substances which then causes your immune system (your body’s defence system) to overreact. The drug we are investigating specifically targets this process to prevent your immune system from reacting in this way.

This study is for adults only.

  • 1
    Night Inpatient Stay
  • 1
    Outpatient Visit

Minimum Eligibility Requirements:

  • Men and women diagnosed with peanut allergy
  • Age 18 – 65 years old
  • BMI between 18-35 kg/m2