PART 3: Upgrade your social life

A guide for making friends – Centre for Clinical Studies Style!

By now you have probably figured out that doing a clinical study often involves staying overnight at our facility.  In Part 1 and Part 2 we suggested using this time for being more productive and starting a side hustle or listening to podcasts, but sometimes it can be refreshing to step away from the busyness of life and invest some time in developing new relationships.

Now, the Centre for Clinical Studies is an unusual social setting, so inspired by Celestine Chua from the Personal Excellence Blog we’ve put together a guide to help you navigate the social scene and hopefully come out with some new buddies!


1. Get yourself out there

Most people look to extend their social circle by heading to a bar or attending a Meetup group. But why go for repeated outings in the hopes of progressing past the normal pleasantries when you could do a study and fast forward to a grand old sleep over in which you can spend 24hrs getting know the other 80 people in the unit.

You still have the option of retreating to a back corner of the recreation room or using your curtains to optimise your ‘me time’. But mingling with your fellow humans will make your time all the more rewarding.


2. Take the first step

To really break the ice, invite someone to team up with you for a game of pool in our recreation room. You could even get a group activity like doubles pool or Killer Pool on the go. Or if you fancy yourself a gaming buff, suggest playing an Xbox or Playstation video game from our collection.


3. Get to know the person

Sharing a good convo over a delicious meal is a great way to really get to know someone. It’s a socially appropriate way to intently quiz another person about their interests and dreams without seeming odd. And if you run out of things to say you can always discuss the top notch food provided by our employee-tried-and-tested catering company ‘Fabulous Catering’. Meals are made fresh every day and they can cater for vegetarian, vegan and Halal dietary requirements.

Alternatively you could challenge someone to one of the many board games available such as Monopoly, Guess Who and Battleship. (Disclaimer: If you consider yourself the ‘super-competitive’ type this may not be your best option for making friends!)


4. Keep in Touch

Given that many studies have follow up visits, this can be a perfect opportunity to meet up for coffee with your new-found friends (we recommend Café 12) and discuss life outside the unit walls. If you still have study visits to attend then take note of any caffeine restrictions that may still be in place.

Many participants remain in touch with the friends that they made during our stay and go on to participate in multiple studies together. If you’re currently on or planning some backpacker adventures you might even find a buddy to continue your journey around the globe with!


That’s all the hints for making your stay a social one! Stay tuned for suggested hobbies for your inpatient stay, coming soon 🙂