Pursue a Hobby

What activities do you do for fun and enjoyment? (Aside from binge-watching  Netflix until the early hours of the morning!)

Personally, I’ve always wanted to learn a language. But all too often these interests fall by the wayside in the wake of competing priorities in everyday life.

A study stay is the perfect opportunity to bring along your adult colouring book (aka mindfulness training) and invest your time and energy in something you have been wanting to do but never seem to get around to.

Here are some indoor friendly ideas to get you going:

Bullet Journaling

Think of a bullet journal as a mixture between a to-do list, planner, and diary all in one. Perfect for anyone who loves writing lists, feeling organised and an excuse to buy extravagant stationery. For ideas to make your bullet journal look incredible, hit up Pinterest!

Learn a Language

Regardless of whether you are preparing for an oversea trip, learning a language is a terrific way to challenge your mind, develop an appreciation for another culture, and impress your friends with your elegant pronunciation of fancy dishes. Cuisses de Grenouille anyone? There is no shortage of free resources on the net, so to get started check out Babbel.

Learn a game of strategy

One viewing of ‘Searching for Bobby Fisher’ and you too will aspire to the incredible focus and critical thinking skills of Chess prodigy Josh Waitzkin. We have games galore inside our unit so challenge your logic and problem-solving skills with a social game of Bridge or Monopoly.

Read, Read and Read some more

It is no secret that many successful people read A LOT. From improved knowledge and imagination, to building an amazing vocab, reading makes  brilliant ‘exercise’ for the brain (it has even been found to prevent Dementia!). It is also entertaining and free, so find a good book to immerse yourself in and watch the hours fly by. Not a fan of reading? Why not try a podcast?

So if you have a study stay coming up don’t fear the idle time. You can hustle on a side project, listen to podcasts, get social meeting other participants and pursue a hobby. Or even catch up on some sleep!