Meet Deanna, your friendly neighbourhood Recruitment Officer.






I’m here for my Inpatient Stay, Now What?

As a recruitment officer, I’m your first port of call when registering for a clinical study. One of the most common questions I’m asked is, “what do I actually do during my inpatient stay?”

There are some obvious commitments such as receiving the investigational medication, being monitored by our experienced clinical staff, and completing various tests but for the most part you have a whole lot of spare time.

For the next four weeks, I will delve into some activities that I hope will not only keep you busy but really make your time with us well spent!


PART 1: Hustle on a side project

I am not alone in having fantasised about becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg and watching the Wolf of Wall Street one too many times. So, let’s kick off part 1 by channelling our entrepreneurial spirit…please enter the ‘side hustle’.

If the prospect of earning a bit of extra pocket money sounds appealing to you then the suggestions below could be a productive way to use your time while staying with us:


Start a Blog





With so many resources at our finger tips, writing a book or sharing an article is no longer reserved for the literary elites.

If you have an idea, skill or view that you are bursting to share, then starting a blog or writing an e-Book may be the side hustle for you. Many people have made successful careers out freelance writing, so with unlimited Wi-Fi and meals taken care of while you stay with us, you have little distractions to stop you from getting underway.

Struggling to get started? Bestselling author Neil Strauss describes writers block as a case of performance anxiety. Best advice? “Write a crappy first draft,” this allows you to get out of your head and allow the creative juices to flow!


Open an Online Shop





If like me, you are guilty of purchasing one to many things online (who can resist a Black Friday sale right?) maybe you could channel your focus into making money rather than spending it!

Online shops and affiliate marketing continue to be very profitable particularly for those who focus on a niche product.

One such business strategy is Amazons FBA program or ‘fulfillment by Amazon’. Simply put, this means you open an amazon shop and send products to an amazon warehouse where they handle the orders, packaging and mailing for you. With warehouses opening around Australia, this could be your chance to establish your place within the Australian market ahead of the crowd.


Online Coaching





Do you have a skill that could benefit others?

Online coaching is a great way to help others achieve their potential while also extending your reach. You will need a strong understanding and passion for a specific topic, great social skills and a high tolerance for tech problems/phone tag as your correspondence is ALL technology based.

None the less, it can be a very rewarding and lucrative path as you help your clients achieve their goals.


Virtual assistant






Most people dread tedious tasks such as schedule planning, arranging travel and responding to emails, however there are a select few who would take bullet journaling and organising over a Netflix binge session any day of the week. If this is you, starting a side gig as a VA could be your calling. Simply find an online company that sources clients and you could be up and started before the end of your first day with us.


Stock Trading





Finally, if your interests lay in finance (or you just want to be the next guy or gal to make millions from a financial crisis… see ‘The Big Short’), then your time with us could be spent pouring over charts, financial reports and ASX data. This can be a daunting topic to delve into, so start with resources such as The Australian Stock Exchange website and free software such as Tradetrakker which actually allows you to make hypothetical trades as practise.


So there you have it, five side projects that can easily be pursued during your study stay.

Stay tuned for next week’s suggestions where we will be bringing you the top five podcasts as reviewed by the Centre for Clinical Studies Team!